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car diffuser essential oil
car diffuser essential oil mini humidifier
Flair Essentials car diffuser essential oil
Car Aromatherapy Diffuser Essential Oil - 50ml
car essential oil diffuser

Car Aromatherapy Diffuser Essential Oil - 50ml

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  • Ultrasonic mist technology turns the water into 6um Water drops. Specifically designed to use with essentials oils.
  • Releases negative ions, reacting with smoke and dust in the air, reduce formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. Get rid of static, reduce radiation.
  • 2-hour automatic power off technology, for peace of mind and extra-security.
  • 180 degree rotation to adjust the direction of the vapor and make full humidification. Compatible with all vehicles
  • Aromatherapy function, pleasant smell helps you lift your mood, relieve tension and anxiety
  • 50Ml water tank volume.