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We are ready to Potty Train! Now What?

So she is ready, you are ready, but not sure on how to go from there? Fret not, you are not alone.

Getting ready to potty train takes time, from both sides, dedication and a fair amount of patience. Prepare yourself mentally and plan it can reduce the irritation you will be bound to nurse for your little one little mishaps. We put together some advice on how to prepare yourself for the weeks ahead...


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4 signs your child is ready for potty training

Spotting the sign when your child is ready can make the whole process faster. On the contrary, delaying it can result in the process to last longer, with far more accidents, and let's be honest, a far more stressful experience for you. Follow these four easy signs to tell if your little one is ready.
Flair Essentials Potty training reward chart

Less stress, more fun with Flair Essentials Potty Training Reward Chart

As mums of 6 children, we know first hand that potty training can be a messy and frustrating business. We put together an highly engaging and fun potty training reward chart, based on our and other mums experience.  It includes everything you need to make potty training a complete success. Ideal for both potty and toilet training, designed for both boys and girls.